My approach and type of therapy is always based on the individual client’s needs. I believe that most people can be treated successfully with the appropriate therapy and social support.  Building trust with each client involves listening, compassion, knowledge and a deep understanding that we all can achieve a balance of Hope and Peace throughout our lives.



Many people have struggled with symptoms of depression or anxiety for years and they think that it is something they must live with.  They may feel numb and struggle with doing their normal day to day activities. Or some may feel like they are on high alert all the time and are looking for anything that may pose a threat to their safety in the environment.  Family or friends may notice the changes in your behaviors and even say something to you about it.  You may have even told yourself that “time heals all wounds”, but then why are you still feeling the same way year after year.  For some, those closest to you may say “just snap out of it” or find a hobby, but a part of you knows that this is a little too simplistic of an answer.  If any of this sounds familiar, then I would like the opportunity to assist you on changing the things that have been troubling you.



When someone has gone through the process of therapy they begin to understand how different parts of their lives have become confusing and out of sorts.   They begin to understand things from a different perspective and gain clarity about the issues that have brought them to therapy.  The person starts to realize that it is not a character flaw that has caused their problems, but rather unfortunate life events.  It is this understanding and insight that helps a person find their individual path to peace.