Welcome – Freedom for You Begins Today

wesfaceI believe that anything that is worthwhile in life will have some type of sacrifice attached to it whether it is time, money or something else. It is my hope that you take the opportunity to invest in yourself and see that there can be a lasting change which brings about hope, peace and contentment.

My approach is very practical and realistic. I will walk side by side with you and assist you in setting goals for your life.  I will teach you the coping skills needed to begin the process of attaining those goals.

The thing that motivates me when working with clients is watching them become more confident and pursue the goals that they have set for their lives. I feel that being part of this life changing process is an honor and a privilege.

I have been a therapist for over 10 years. I have worked in many different settings including psychiatric hospitals, medical hospitals, mental health clinics, partial programs and protective agencies.

Many years ago, I had taken a class in mental health. I did not realize the impact it would continue to have upon me years later. I wanted to learn more about the ways a person could improve their perceptions of things and thus make internal changes leading to a healthier lifestyle.  Today it is my passion to help others learn positive coping skills that will lead to a healthier way of living.

I generally work with clients who are age 14 and older.  My extensive background in the field of mental health will allow me to deal with many issues that people face today.

I am a Christian and will provide Christian counseling if requested. However, I work with people of any background or faith.